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  • @archer_thegoldenboi

    Yay for new bed!!! Thank you @thepetproject.ph

    (uncle @wiladamchua and aunt @morasasha) for sending this over! 😍 woof you! 😘

  • @dubbie.the.cat_

    Do you like my new condo? ‘coz me, im loving it! 🥳

  • @jabba.thepug_

    Mami got me this acrylic pet bowl container from@thepetproject.ph❤ I can't wait to eat my snackies in this! 😊

  • @seri.bichon

    Lovin’ my supah cozy bed from @thepetproject.ph! I woof you!

  • @_cloudthemaltese

    Guys look! I have a new room! @thepetproject.phi love it so much! 🥳🥰

  • @littlemiss.oreo

    Always a good sleep with @thepetproject.ph💤💜 here’s to my dream bed 🥹🫶🏻

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